Convention Directors

GamerNationCON’s directors are the key-holders running the show.  Heaven help us all.

Krista Witt (“Twi’lek Goodness”)


Former co-host of the Order 66 Podcast, and Lead Designer and Developer for GamerNation Studios’ most recent game, Eons.  Krista is a passionate gamer with the mind for analysis, who brings her professional marketing management and analysis skills to bear for the Con as the lead organizer and volunteer coordinator.  T.G. also makes noises like a chipmunk when she gets extremely excited (such as when talking about Star Trek or, more specifically, Jean Luc Picard).  Contact her if you’d like to volunteer to run a game or two.


David Villegas (“GM Dave”)Dave2

Dave is the program director for d20Radio, and the CEO of GamerNation Studios.  With a life-long love of gaming, and 10+ years of podcast production under his belt, Dave has also been associate designer for every game GamerNation Studios has produced.  A financial software product manager by day, pro-gamer by night; you all know who he is. He’s “the man”.


Christopher Witt (“GM Chris”)


Host of the Order 66 Podcast, CGO of GamerNation Studios, and Lead Designer and Developer for GamerNation Studios’ first game, Edition Wars.  Chris has been gaming most of his life, and tries (with varying degrees of success) to balance it with his day-job as an IT product manager.  Star Wars is his passion.  Never get him to imbibe and talk about dice statistics.


Marshaling GMs

These staffers are the true power behind the events of GamerNationCON.  Not only will these dedicated volunteers be running sessions, but will serve as walking convention encyclopedias, and as floor-leaders for scheduled and pick-up events.  Bow before them, and bring them snacks.

Kat Boulware (“GM Kat”)kat2

A hardcore RPG addict, ENnie Award judge in 2012, and frequent co-host on many of the d20Radio network shows; Kat has played more systems and games than your average RPGer could shake a stick at.  She also bakes.  WELL.  Never get her talking about mecha.


Chris Bradshaw (“GM Chance”)Bradshaw

With a convention resume longer than his trademark boots, Chris has helped run convention events and Marshaled for major industry players for over a decade.  A fixture in organized play events, a member of the 501st, and the only man we’ve met with a floor in his house dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia.  Never get him talking about his Republic Commando armor.


Brev Tanner (“GM Brev”)Brev

Host of the Minis Mayham Podcast, cast-member of The Real Gamers, and lead designer and developer of GamerNation Studios’ forthcoming game, Pillage.  Brev is a talented GM and player with long lists of people waiting to play at his tables, and a longer list of people laughing at his jokes.  Never get him talking about The Oscars.


Chris Hudson (“GM Hudson”)Hudson2

Cast-member of The Real Gamers, hobby-gamer extraordinaire and aspiring designer who’s been tossing dice since grade-school. Hudson became a field-promoted Marshal (and convention hero) in 2014 when he led dozens of complete strangers into the largest number of pickup-games run by a human being in a 48-hour period.  Never get him talking about that one time in 1st Edition when he killed an entire horde of rampaging orcs with a Cantrip.


Rob McCalla (“GM Rob”)

GM RobRob’s a longtime friend of the GamerNationCON family.  Introduced to RPGs and gaming in general a little over two decades ago with the help of the others listed here, this caused a passing interest to become a passion.  Having played for years in several games GM’d by these great gamers, one of Rob’s proudest moments in gaming is when he finally earned his GM title by being asked to run a game for them. (Yes, he’ll tell you it was a little intimidating!) Never ask him why he thinks Star Trek: DS9 is the best in the series.  Because he’ll tell you.  At length.  In extreme detail.

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  1. Bob Sherriff August 25, 2015 2:01 pm  Reply

    Hey GamerNation,

    We just came out with a mobile/web app that allows for impromptu activity creation and recruiting. Board Game Bash in Austin used us a couple weekends ago for open gaming and we now know how to make it perfect for a convention scenario. We’ve since been booked for seven more conferences around the US.

    We’d love to be a part of the next GamerNationCon. Its completely free for you as well as your users. Ultimately we just want more confirmation that its useful.

    You can check us out at . There’s no content yet because we’re keeping it hush but you’ll be able to see how it works.

    Would love to chat about being used at GamerNationCon if possible.

    All the best,

    Bob Sherriff
    Co Founder
    Pow Wow

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