Event Submission Guide

*UPDATE* – March 27, 2017 – 2017 Event Submission for GNCon IV is CLOSED!  

Thank you, everyone, for submitting some amazing events, this year!  At this point, to finalize table assignments, official event submission is now closed.

Did you not get to submit an event?  Something you REALLY want to run???  Don’t worry – you can always register your event ad-hoc at the Con.  See you all there!


For those brave souls who want to showcase their own skills or to experience the flash, the excitement, the joy, and the awesomeness of running THEIR OWN events at GamerNationCON 2017… simply click on the link below to find out how:

2017 Event Registration

Remember, each hour of a scheduled event you run earns you XP – the same as any attendee playing your event!  So each game you run is more currency for the sweet, sweet SWAG at the auction. Plus, you’re really helping out the Con – and isn’t that just a reward all on its own?  (Of course it is!)

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