***Attendee GamerCred List – Is your GamerCred Correct?***

Last GamerNationCON, we asked many of you to register your earned buttons with us – and many of you did.  Based on that, we’ve compiled a current record of your GamerCred.  It’s located right here:  Attendee GamerCred List

Please find your name on this list and check that your GamerCred is correct.  If it isn’t (of if you’re not on this list), then email with pics of your buttons – and we’ll get it updated!

150 GamerCred is the cutoff for EARLY EVENT REGISTRATION – so be sure to check.


The Deal

4 Days of Gaming Goodness wouldn’t be complete without… you guessed it… another game!  As convention attendees have quickly learned, there is a game within GamerNationCON, itself:  GamerCred.  As you attend events, play and run games, and accomplish feats of awesome gaming during the Con, you will have the opportunity to earn GamerCred – special achievements for the Con, itself.

These specialty button pins are collectibles that can attach to your badge or game bag – some are extremely rare and difficult to achieve.  Each achievement is also worth a GamerCred value that stays with you throughout all future GamerNationCONs.  Not only will your GamerCred announce your badassery to other attendees, but as it grows you will be eligible to attend special gatherings, claim early event registration at future Cons, and take part in events only available to those with enough GamerCred.

In prior Cons, there were numerous publicly known GamerCred achievements and several secret achievements (with secret conditions to obtain them).  But starting in GamerNationCON 3, we decided to publish ALL available GamerCred achievements!  No longer will any GamerCred buttons be “secret” – but – the conditions for earning it just might be.  Will you earn such achievements?  You won’t find out until the Sunday Auction, so you’ve got to play, play, play…


The Rules

  • Each GamerCred button can only ever be earned once – so if you earned a unique button at a prior Con, you can’t earn it again.
  • Each year, GamerNationCON introduces new achievements (often, only available for that year), continues some old ones, and retires some old ones. We like to keep things interesting.
  • To claim a GamerCred button, you must present the requirement to a Con Director or the on-duty Marshal. (This could be completed event registration forms, receipts, or other criteria noted in the GamerCred description.)  Some of the listed achievements have secret requirements that the Con staff will be tracking all weekend, to award to recipients on Sunday.
  • YOU are responsible for tracking and reporting your GamerCred. Our current tally of GamerCred achievements for attendees can be found above.
    • Go there, find yourself, and ensure your tally is correct.
    • If it isn’t, then the proof is in the pics! Email a picture of your buttons to, and we’ll get it updated.
    • Also, there will be post-Con GamerCred tracking forms available on Sunday. Find a Marshal to sign off on it and get your GamerCred vetted the easy way


The 2018 Achievements

Here they are.  You must FEEL the GamerCred flow… around you!

GamerCred Achievements for GNCon 5!


  1. Bill Hallman March 31, 2016 1:31 pm  Reply

    do you have a mailing list?

    • gmdave March 31, 2016 9:32 pm  Reply

      We should start one! Our con director is an email marketing person, we’ll nudge her in that direction.

  2. Eric Brenders March 3, 2017 7:22 am  Reply

    Under the Rules section has a link to last years GamerCred. The link at the top has the current uptodate GamerCred numbers.

    Just so there is no confusion like I nearly had lol

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