Part user error by Dave, part site error, part miscommunication. The Events were not to be listed yet, as they are still open for submission by the creators for another week or two.

After that, we will be giving the high gamer cred folks a choice of a few events and then event registration and booking will be opening up for everyone in March. We apologize for the confusion on our part, we will try and make this a little better for next time around!

Thank you for your understanding and watch for the announcement on when events will be available for booking!


Con Staff and peoples.

3DoGG 2015 – GNCon 2: Electric Boogaloo Events are LIVE!

Event Submission for GNCon 2: Electric Boogaloo is now open! Head over to the Event Submission page for more information on how to set up your own events and potentially get a GM badge out of the deal!

For those of you who would like to sign up for events, just swing by the Events page and sign up to get a seat at the table for any event you so desire.

3DoGG 2014 a Success!

3DoGG 2014127 of our bestest friends and family showed up for what can only be described as 3 days of gaming GREATNESS!  From the board gaming to the role playing to Artemis and the panel and vendor room, the con was simply amazing.  It was more than we hoped for and we can’t wait for next year now!  We are humbled by the outflow of support and very excited by your comments at the close of the convention.  It seems everyone had a great time, the venue spectacular and the volunteer crew incredible.  Can I use any more superlatives?  YES!

Everyone seems to enjoy the gamer cred program so that is going to be expanded for next year.  Many of the secret badges were discovered, and some will be replaced with all new secret badges next year, along with new public ones.  We just can’t wait to get in on the planning phase for next year.

Expect an announcement before GENCON as to a potentially crowd funded convention that may or may not involve RPG related incentives published and given away by GMs Chris and Dave.

It’s ALMOST HERE! Some FAQ for Attendees…

What is up, GamerNation?

We’re just a few weeks away from 3 Days of Gaming Goodness: GamerNationCON 2014!  We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got just shy of 100 Registered Attendees!  (Not bad for the first year of our little Con.)

We’re very excited to see you all and can’t wait for the convention.  In preparation for the Con, we wanted to relay answers to some common questions we’ve been getting, and remind you all of the convention details.

Badge Registration and Pickup

Many of you were Kickstarter Backers who already secured your badges for the convention.  Others have purchased your badges online at

Due to the close-knit nature of this convention, badge pickup will occur on-site.  Upon your arrival at the convention area, you will be directed to Badge Pickup, where we’ll check you in, give your badge, your SWAG Bag, and quite possibly a warm hug (depends on who’s working at the moment).  Along with your badge, you’ll receive your Event Schedule for those of you who’ve pre-registered for events.  Your badge must be worn and visible at all times while in the convention area.  Attendees (or guardians of minor Attendees) will also sign an acknowledgement form at badge pickup, detailing that each of us understands the Convention Code of Conduct (which is available on this very website).

Event Registration and Tickets

Event registration has been available since the start of the year at, and many of you have reserved seats at specific events.  For a small con like ours, physical “tickets” are not being printed.  The GM running each event will have an event schedule, and will use your named badge to confirm your reserved status at that event.  Your provided Event Schedule will also remind you of what scheduled events you have.  But if you’ve not pre-registered for any events, that’s okay!  Walk-ups will be allowed at any event – first come, first serve – to replace any registered participant who can’t make it.  We want you to play as much as you can!  Not just because this is a game convention, but because of…

XP and the Auction

Each attendee (and GM) will earn 10 GamerNationCON XP per hour of events they participate in, or run.  What are XP, you ask?  XP has one purpose: the first annual GamerNationCON Auction held on Sunday afternoon!  In what will hopefully become an annual tradition, we’ve got loads of brand new RPG products, board games, miniatures, and other special SWAG that YOU can bid on.  And the only currency accepted is the XP you’ve earned in games and events!  In other words, just by playing and running events at the convention, you’ll have the ammunition to walk out on Sunday with some amazing merchandise and some free games.

Pick-up-Games and Ongoing Events

Additionally, there will be walk-up events throughout the convention; such as Reaper Miniatures Paint & Take, Seminars, and Pick-up Games galore.  Remember, convention attendees also have access to a vast game library on-site.  Our on-site Marshals and Directors will be actively grabbing attendees and setting up pick-up games, and we encourage our attendees to take the initiative, too!

Attendees running/playing in ANY pick-up game WILL receive XP for it, as long it’s been registered.  If there’s a game of any kind you want to play or run, simply let a Marshal or Director know, and you will immediately be assigned a table and given an event form to track the attendees so we can award you all XP!  (Plus, it gives is some great insight into the kinds of events people are playing heavily – for future years of the convention).  Your table will also be given a color-coded tent card that alerts other attendees of the type of game you’re playing, and if you still need players!

Food and On-site Services

The main convention area will have an active concession booth selling both food and drinks.  Additionally, the facility is right next door to a convenience store, and within short walking distance of numerous restaurants and other food options.  When you pick up your badge, you’ll be provided with a map of the area that highlights all the good places within walking/driving distance.

Event Location, Hotel Stay, and Transportation

As noted on the main page of this site, the main convention area will be at the Dallas Games Marathon facility, in Plano TX:

930 West Parker Road, Suite 530, Plano, TX 75075

Directions and maps to the facility can be found at

A couple Convention Room Blocks are still available at the nearby La Quinta Inn and Suites:

4800 West Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75093

To secure a room (if you don’t already have one), please call 972-599-0700972-599-0700 (do NOT call the toll-free number for La Quinta).  The convention group block is under “Gamer Nation”.  The La Quinta also has a common room that will serve as a secondary gathering and event area for GamerNationCON.  It’s open 24-hours, and will be there for any late night pickup games or other events attendees need.

Attendees will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the main convention area and/or their hotels.


For any other questions, please leave us a comment, here – or email us at

Gamer Nation Con Tickets Now on Sale to the Public

We are handling ticketing for GamerNation Con through Paypal, through the main d20Radio site.  Head over to and complete the form for TShirt size and your name, then press Enter/Return to complete your purchase.

We have less than 100 tickets left for the convention, so act now!

Also, GamerNation Con has secured a hotel for the convention, and as long as 8 rooms get booked, we will have overflow gaming available in their conference room.

The hotel is La Quinta Inn and Suites, located at 4800 West Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75093.  The group block is under “Gamer Nation” and you can call 972-599-0700 to secure a room.  As of right now, 6 rooms are taken out of our room block, with only a handful left so you are advised to act now to get a room just a few miles away from the convention.



We  also need to thank Rio Grande Games, Meridae Games, Slugfest Games, Cards Against Humanity, Paizo, Reaper Miniatures, Tasty Minstrel Games and Right Games all the way from Russia for providing promotional support for the convention.  With their help, we are confident that this will be a huge success in its first year!




GNC – GamerNationCon

3DoGG – 3 Days of Gaming Greatness

The Convention is happening.  Details are currently available on the CON page or our Kickstarter project page.  March 14-16, 2014.  Plano Texas.  Be There!  More details will be coming in the next few weeks!