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3DoGG 2014 a Success!

3DoGG 2014127 of our bestest friends and family showed up for what can only be described as 3 days of gaming GREATNESS!  From the board gaming to the role playing to Artemis and the panel and vendor room, the con was simply amazing.  It was more than we hoped for and we can’t wait for next year now!  We are humbled by the outflow of support and very excited by your comments at the close of the convention.  It seems everyone had a great time, the venue spectacular and the volunteer crew incredible.  Can I use any more superlatives?  YES!

Everyone seems to enjoy the gamer cred program so that is going to be expanded for next year.  Many of the secret badges were discovered, and some will be replaced with all new secret badges next year, along with new public ones.  We just can’t wait to get in on the planning phase for next year.

Expect an announcement before GENCON as to a potentially crowd funded convention that may or may not involve RPG related incentives published and given away by GMs Chris and Dave.