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gnconGamer Nation Con 5 – “The Order of the Gamers”

New beginnings abound in the Gamer Nation, and so the Genesys of this yeara’s con came to us in the form of new greatness from our gamers and citizens of the Gamer Nation…

GamerNation Con is 4 Days of Gaming Goodness (4DoGG) that will be held April 5-8 at the Dallas Games Marathon facility in Plano, Texas just north of Dallas.  We rocked two huge gaming rooms and made great use of their Wall of Games for the whole weekend the last four years and look forward to even more gaming greatness this year.  The con will be open from noon to 2am on Thursday, 9am to 2am Friday and Saturday and 9am to 2pm on Sunday.

Once again, the gaming wall is available for any convention attendee to use, free of charge and has just been augmented with a ton of new releases from BGG.con and Essen, among other great titles.  This year’s convention is called GNCon 5: The Order of the Gamers and cosplay is considered awesome at the event.  The kickstarter is over, but you can still buy tickets for the con at  This is the only way to guarantee yourself a ticket, so don’t miss out this year. With walk up traffic, the event was just a few people shy of selling out last year, so we anticipate the possibility of selling out this time around.

1Up on Cancer

1up on Cancer Named Thursday Community Event Beneficiary

Cancer has jolted our worlds this year. Phil as you know is battling cancer, GM Chris’ wife Krista’s mother is battling cancer, GM Dave lost a cousin and uncle this year and an aunt has cancer. One of our biggest supporters found out recently that he has cancer, inspired by Phil’s story to have himself checked. They caught it before it spread. Thank God.

In this, we decided to pick a cancer charity this year. Even more special is that we found a charity rooted in gaming. 1up On Cancer is a gaming community-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to direct financial assistance for adults in the United States undergoing cancer treatment. You can check them out at

For now, give thanks that your loved ones are still with you, give thanks that you have not lost your fight, and most of all, know that The Gamer Nation will always do everything we can for you.There are many ways to help this organization, and we intend to use a portion of the Thursday ticket proceeds (67% or them, if you are wondering) plus 100% of donations at the door and sales in the silent auction to this fine organization. We hope that they can make it out to the convention Thursday night and help us.

Guest of Honor 

Sterling Hershey

A full time architect and game designer, Sterling Hershey worked on every incarnation of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game for West End Games, Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Flight Games. During this time he was also a participant in the FidoNet Star Wars Echo. His screen name is SilverForce, and at GenCon in 2012, it was announced that he was one of the designers of Fantasy Flight Games new Star Wars-themed roleplaying game, Sterling has been a friend of the Order 66 Podcast and a frequent guest host for both the Wizards and FFG versions of the Star Wars RPG. He is also writing for the upcoming release of Genesys, the new RPG from FFG that takes the narratvie dice mechanics to a whole new level!





Planned Events

We are in planning for 4DoGG 2018, but the following events are currently planned, and may change without notice:

  • Artemis – Coop scenarios and GamerCred badges for events all day Friday and Saturday
  • The GamerCred system will have a bunch of retired badges, and new ones will be published very soon. The secret badges will be much more secret and given at the end of the convention for more fun times! The number of secret badges will be very limited in number, so don’t worry.
  • Playtest Saturday – From 9am until 2pm, designers are welcome to show up and playtest their yet to be released games with convention attendees.
  • Role Playing Games: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny, Pathfinder, D&D, Fiasco, Mutants & Masterminds and much more on the way, with GMs Dave and Chris each running modules out of the Gamer Nation Vault for attendees.
  • Tabletop Gaming: If you can dream it, we probably have it.  The wall of games is available and we will have a couple of tournaments, including EPIC Card Game
  • GNCon After Dark: Saturday after 9pm, the convention will be open for those guests 21 years and older only, as rumor has it the nafarious activities and open bar that happened last year will be dwarfed this year as the Canadians return in larger numbers!
  • More Events coming soon.


Once again, we are at the Dallas Games Marathon Facility at 930 W. Parker Rd, Plano TX 75075.

Convention Hotel Block

Last year we found an awesome venue to host our visitors, and the Magnuson Hotel in Plano will once again provide room blocks for GNCon 5! The Magnuson is a historic hotel in Plano with beautiful rooms, great amenities, and a mere 5 minute drive from the convention venue.

If you’re attending GamerNationCON 5, you can contact the Magnuson Hotel right now and reserve your room with the block code of “GamerNationCON”. The room price for our attendees is awesome! They offer both Double-Queen rooms and King-Bed rooms which also includes a free breakfast and free WiFi, as well as access to the hotel’s pool, gym, and other facilities.

Magnuson Hotel Park Suites
640 E Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75074
Block Code: “GamerNationCON”

Simply call, 24 hours a day, tell them you’d like to book for the convention room block with the code “GamerNationCON”.


The Kickstarter for the event is completed!  Event Tickets are now available at our site.  If you want to back for backerzone content only, you may do that right here.


  1. G Steven Willett March 12, 2015 11:42 am  Reply

    I’m not going to attend. Life has got me by the balls.

  2. Adie (R2DToots) March 18, 2015 2:58 am  Reply

    Already saving up for the transatlantic trip for Thunderdome, so hope to see you all again next year.

  3. Brev December 14, 2015 12:56 pm  Reply

    I WILL be there because I have to be… :'(


  4. Captain Jim February 21, 2016 8:27 am  Reply

    Looking forward to this. Going to be running some Red Dragon Inn. Should be fun!

  5. r.shenk March 9, 2016 7:28 pm  Reply

    so was the board game pentathlon canceled?

    • gmdave March 9, 2016 10:09 pm  Reply

      Dave has had a client postpone their project installation, which is now scheduled for the exact time of the convention. If he somehow is able to get to the con, we will put it back on the schedule.

      • gmdave March 9, 2016 10:15 pm  Reply

        General Registration for events will open next week. Thanks for your patience!

  6. sarah cook March 18, 2016 7:02 am  Reply

    I purchased tickets from Gamernation’s website, but I cannot figure out how to get them. I got a text saying “your order is ready for pickup” Any help?

  7. Kat March 27, 2016 5:53 pm  Reply

    You should be able to just pick them up at the door

  8. Donovan Morningfire April 5, 2016 5:45 pm  Reply

    4DoGG was a hoot. Shame about the folks that couldn’t make it, but it was great to see Toots again as well as meet Hooly and other members of the Australian contingent. And getting to talk/hang-out with Chris West, Sam Stewart, Sterling Hershey, and Rodney Thompson. To say nothing of the metric crap-ton of gaming that was done.

  9. Brev March 27, 2017 5:56 pm  Reply

    Who’s ready to GAME?!???!!??!??

    • Eric Brenders March 28, 2017 6:46 pm  Reply

      I’m ALWAYS ready to GAME!!! But are people ready for ME!?!?!?

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